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Manual for Solidarity 2020

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We are proudly presenting to you the output of the SOLID project - the Manual for Solidarty 2020.

This Manual is addressed to policy makers, public officers, experts, civil society representatives, volunteers and citizens who are active, or who would like to get engaged on the issues that are on the top of the EU political agenda and policies at any level of policy making and democratic participation – from local, through European, to global.

The publication was prepared bottomup, in a cooperative manner by local and regional public officers, policy makers, NGOs representatives and citizens from 12 European countries, who were partners within the Local Solidarity - Global Solidarity Network (SOLID) in the years 2018- 2019. In the course of almost two years, the SOLID partners developed transnational and local actions regarding a combination of two main subjects of the project: solidarity and active European citizenship. The project was possible thanks to the funding from the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.


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