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Focus on the local perspective

Du 22 au 25 octobre 2018
Lecce (Italy)

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Event 2

Topic: Solidarity: focus on the local perspective.

Participation: The event involved 130 citizens from 13 countries, including 4 participants from Bulgarian Centre for LLL (Bulgaria), 4 participants from Male Dvorniky (Slovakia), 3 participants from the Municipality of Alimos (Greece), 4 Sződliget (Hungary), 3 participants from the Daugavpils City Council (Latvia), 3 participants from Mogila Municipality (Macedonia) and 3 from Municipality of Kavadarci (Macedonia), 4 participants from Gmina Dąbrowa (Poland), 3 participants from Cleantech Romania (Romania), 4 from EKOLOR Indjija (Serbia), 4 from Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta (Spain), 4 participants from Center Culturel de Jette (Belgium), and 91 participants from Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa (Italy) and other Italian and foreign citizens (EU migrants and extra-EU immigrants).

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Lecce (Italy), from 22/10/2018  to 25/10/2018

Short description: Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa Associazione Culturale (FPD) was the host of the second international event within the Local Solidarity - Global Solidarity Network. The event took place in Lecce in southern Italy, and it was attended by 38 international participants from 12 countries, as well as local citizens. As an introduction to the theme of the event: solidarity at local level, the activities started with the screening of the “Lampedusa in Winter” movie. In order to understand much better the concept of culture an interculturality, Dr. Malgorzata Wochowska held a training called “How to deal with diversity in a local community?”. To continue with the migration topic, Mr. Andrea Pignataro, National Board Member of GUS, discussed about the refugee crisis from political and humanitarian point of view “Hospitality practices in Italy: the SPRAR Model”. The meeting’s participants were also acquainted with some good practices about solidarity and integration: the Community Welfare in Embu, Kenya - a project run by Amahoro Onlus, and financed by the Apulia Regional Government Third Countries Development Cooperation Programme; “The Long Way to Europe”, an European Remembrance project financed by the Europe for Citizens Programme;“European Solidarity Corps” initiative, as an opportunity for young citizens to contribute to solidarity projects at local and European level. On the next day, Mr. Bastien Fillon presented us examples of good practices within the topic of social inclusion and integration of migrants, such as: “Diritti a Sud“ and “Sfrutta Zero”. In the afternoon, there was a study visit to the “Crocevia” Center, which collaborates with the GUS. Participants were introduced to Ms. Silvia Miglietta, Responsible for Active Labor Policies, Youth Policies, Equal Opportunities, Civil Rights and Volunteering in the Municipality of Lecce, who discussed about the activities Lecce is running together with Crocevia Center. The session ended with the “Street Debate” in the main square of Lecce, a way to interact with citizens not usually engaged in NGOs or Public bodies activities, ensuring a wider impact to local initiatives.