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Focus on the global perspective

Du 11 au 14 juin 2019
Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)

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Event 4

Topic: Solidarity: focus on the global perspective.

Participation: The event involved 130 citizens from 12 countries, including 4 participants Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa (Italy), 4 participants from Male Dvorniky (Slovakia), 3 participants from the Municipality of Alimos (Greece), 3 Sződliget (Hungary), 3 participants from the Daugavpils City Council (Latvia), 3 participants from Mogila Municipality (Macedonia) and 3 from Municipality of Kavadarci (Macedonia), 3 participants from Gmina Dąbrowa (Poland), 3 participants from Cleantech Romania (Romania), 3 from EKOLOR Indjija (Serbia), 4 from Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta (Spain), 4 participants from Center Culturel de Jette (Belgium), and 90 participants from Bulgarian Centre for LLL (Bulgaria) and other Bulgarian citizens.

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria), from 11/06/2019  to 14/06/2019

Short description: In June 2019, the Bulgarian partner of the project – BCLL in cooperation with the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, was hosting the 4th SOLID international meeting which brought together towns, regions and civil society groups from 12 countries that already belong to the Network, as well as local citizens. The local citizens were welcome to join SOLID partners during two days of the Event – during the plenary session, as well as  during afternoon workshops. After the official opening and a warm welcome from the Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Mr. Daniel Panov, we had Ms. Mihaela Manolova, who is Europe for Citizens Contact Point Bulgaria (Ministry of Culture) as one of the keynote speakers. We continued with learning on how the university in Veliko Tarnovo is using EU programmes, such as Erasmus+, to facilitate the acquisition of intercultural competences of their students. As a part of a learning process for policy makers and activists gathered in the event, we made an interactive quiz on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, which was followed by a discussion. The highlight of the event was a 2-hour simulation of the European Parliament proceeding when the international partners could identify with real Members of European Parliament, gathering in political groups and committees. On the last day we visited a local social center that is a home for people of all ages, where we got engaged in their activities. From that very personal experience, we could draw more general conclusions on what impact can local communities have on larger politics and global movements.