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Focus on the European perspective

Du 16 au 28 mars 2019
Alzira and Benimodo (Spain)

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Event 3

Topic: Solidarity: focus on the European perspective.

Participation: The event involved 128 citizens from 12 countries, including 3 participants from Male Dvorniky (Slovakia), 3 participants from the Municipality of Alimos (Greece), 3 Sződliget (Hungary), 3 participants from the Daugavpils City Council (Latvia), 3 participants from Mogila Municipality (Macedonia) and 3 from Municipality of Kavadarci (Macedonia), 4 participants from Gmina Dąbrowa (Poland), 3 participants from Cleantech Romania (Romania), 4 from EKOLOR Indjija (Serbia), 4 participants from Center Culturel de Jette (Belgium), 4 participants Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa (Italy), 3 from Bulgarian Centre for LLL (Bulgaria) and 88 participants from Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta (Spain) and other Spanish and European citizens.

Location/ Dates: The event took place in Valencia, Alzira and Benimodo (Spain), from 26/03/2018 to 28/03/2018

Short description: This third international event organised in the frame of SOLID Network was hosted by the Spanish partner - Mancomunidad de la Ribera Alta, both in the premises of the City Hall of Alzira, as well as in the House of Culture of Benimodo. The meeting aimed at deepening the subjects of solidarity, behaviours and education in a cultural diversity. The local citizens were welcome to join SOLID partners during the two-days of their event, and they could choose from the presentation: “Mediation Board: Letter for Social Rights” in the City Hall of Alzira in the Plenary Sessions Hall, and a discussion about social inclusion from different associations of Valencia. In addition, they were invited to take part in a game “Bugada” engaging equally policy makers and elementary school students by writing sentences about social inclusion and solidarity on T-shirts. The activities proposed during three working days were dealing with European Citizenship and EU values, social rights, education for solidarity and cooperation, and they were using new educational formats to facilitate the reflection on cultural diversity. The main interactive activities were driven by Pangea, which is the department of the Mancomunitat, encouraging local authorities and citizens to think about inclusion, in a wide sense, and to start practicing activities with vulnerable groups (including migrants). This is why we proposed games implemented by municipalities of La Ribera Alta, with the support of the City Halls, and inclusive for citizens.