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About the project

Du 22 août à 09:00 au 31 octobre 2019 à 09:00

Local Solidarity - Global Solidarity Network (in short: SOLID) is a cooperative project of 13 local and regional bodies from the European Union, Montenegro and Serbia, implemented between January 2018 and November 2019. It is co-funded by Europe for Citizens program.

The SOLID Network wants to take the challenge by empowering citizens to search and provide answers to such questions as: What is solidarity among Europeans and with the rest of the world? How can we reverse the process and maintain Europe as the world leader when it comes to protection of fundamental values?

The aim of the project is to establish a long-lasting cooperation to create and implement new political tools that enable local communities to have an impact on the global and European solidarity in time of institutional and humanitarian crisis.


Through 5 transnational events, Network-building and local actions, we are going to:

1. Find common solutions that develop local, Europe-wide and global solidarity.

2. Raise awareness on policies and competences of the EU relative to fundamental values and their impact on local and global environment.

3. Promote opportunities (tools) for societal engagement at personal and institutional level that are encouraged by the EU. 


This diverse partnership represents a platform for dialogue: it enables the organization of events and activities where citizens, practitioners and experts can meet, discuss and search for solutions to common democracy problems. The project strengthens interaction with communities, local action groups, activists and policy makers. In this way, it improves conditions for civic and democratic participation at Union level. SOLID Network promotes concrete actions, such as: European Solidarity Corps, European Voluntary Service, outcomes of EC's Citizens Dialogues, and advertise other European and global initiatives for solidarity.


The project is meant to find common solutions for solidarity at all levels, as well as to disseminate tools and good practices. Not only does it foster the use of existing means available to citizens, but it moreover provides innovative strategies and political tools, such as the Manual for Solidarity 2020 - adaptable by policy makers and activists to other European areas. ring and civic participation of almost 700 people directly involved. 

For questions regarding any aspect of the project, the Europe for Citizens programme, or active citizenship as a democratic practice, please do not hesitate to contact us: Gosia Wochowska malgorzata.wochowska@gmail.com and Berenger Dupont berenger.dupont@gmail.com

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